Tuesday, October 6, 2020

True Confessions! I'm just sayin'

 1.) I confess:  We are coming down to the wire and I have been closely following the contest between the Democrats and the Republicans.  The polls look surprisingly like they did when all of us smug Dems thought Hillary Clinton would win "hands down" and were surprised when the overweight obviously corrupt and deceitful New York Trash Donald J. Trump took it away from us via the "electoral college" scam.

2.)   I wonder why? Now at the time of the defeat of Hillary Clinton even though she won the popular vote by millions there was a small chance, when she lost, there was a glimmer of an opportunity for her to initiate legal proceedings against the device called the "electoral college" because she had what the lawyers call "standing." That standing?  She and her chances of winning had been corruptly and ufairly damaged by an archaic and corrupt and deceitful device called, "the electoral college!" At the very least she could have started a dialogue and shed some light on the process which is inherently unfair and discriminatory and devised only to preserve power in the hands of underpopulated states.  Another gimmick and trick.

3.)  I confess:  I donated money to the Biden/Harris campaign right from the jump.  It was a huge mistake.  Minutes after I made my first donation I was inundated with more slimy requests for more.  That is all I got for my donation.  I thought surely Joe would explain and clearly articulate what he would do to turn the country around.  Plans.  No, I just got more nagging and silly requests for money.  Even more insulting they sold my name to their friends who got in line with more phony "last chance" to beat so and so type nagging bullshit requests for more money.  Plans?  Not really just requests for more money!

4.)  Just recently:  A local retired and not particularly well-liked politician wrote an opinion piece letter for our newspaper calling on Kamala Harris to "inspire" the populace in her upcoming contest against "dumb as a sack of hammers" Mike Pence.  OK?  That is precisely what is missing from their campaign.  Right on.  The problem is that neither she nor Joe is a particularly inspiring person.  Instead of choosing an "inspiring" person like Tammy Duckworth or Stacey Abrams as a running mate Joe Biden and his cohorts chose Kamala Harris who is the embodiment of the negative qualities of Hilary Clinton which made her despised even by fellow Democrats.  And instead of choosing a candidate and pressing him to run for the top office  who is young and vigorous like Andrew Mark Cuomo we have "Sleepy Joe" as Trump calls him.  

5.  I will still vote for Joe Biden.  Despite what I have said I will still vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and against Trump just as I did in the last election vote for Hilary Clinton.  But it is times like these when I am reminded of what my dearly departed life long Republican father used to tell me.  

"Both parties are the same, they are both driven by goals and objectives devised to retain and gain power and not to make life better for the people."

The election is ours to lose!

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