Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday Morning: Sept.26,2020


Is Aging a Disease You Can Reverse? A Look at the Science Behind the Longevity Movement

 Other crucial life practices: adequate sleep and stress management. In blue zones, says Buettner, “people downshift all day long, through prayer, meditation, or just taking naps.” And scientists are also coming to more fully understand the role that other people play in prolonging life. A 2019 study in the journal SSM-Population Health found that social relationships significantly increase life span in older adults. Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, author of this year’s Successful Aging, has found that friendships at age 80 are a bigger predictor of health than cholesterol level. Friends and even neighbors, he writes, protect your brain, while loneliness “has been implicated in just about every medical problem you can think of.”

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