Monstera News Roundup 1/10/18


 1.)  Rescuers Search Montecito for Mudslide Survivors as Death Toll Reaches 15

2.)  School board gets death threats after teacher handcuffed after questioning pay raise

3.)  I Thought He Was Taking Me for Ice Cream: One Woman's #MeToo Story of Molestation By Her Former Youth Pastor ...

4.)   Everything we know so far about Russian election meddling in Europe

5.)   Shore doctor James Kauffman charged in 2012 murder of his wife April Kauffman

6.)   North Carolina Congressional Map Ruled Unconstitutionally Gerrymandered

7.)   China Weighs Slowing or Halting Purchases of US Treasuries

8.)   Meghan Markle, Prince Harry & the End of "Old Etiquette"