Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ben Carson,Arab Print Media, and other Juicy Calabash Bits and Pieces

1.)  Ben Carson: ‘I hope that we have a database on everybody’
     I can hear the true American conservatives of the last couple of centuries as they turn over in their graves when Dr. Carson says stupid stuff like this.

2.)  OMG.  The Saudi Press Agency.
     Grandpa's internet, no transparency here.  Incredibly dated, obtuse, useless except for propaganda and religious purposes.

3.)  List of Arab newspapers
     Useful list of press outlets by country.  Some press outlets  have English language editions which are quite enlightening.

4.)  The largest Arab-American On-Line e- newspaper in the United States

5.) Kuwaiti police bust ‘DAESH’ cell – SYRIANS, AUSTRALIAN, EGYPTIAN, KUWAITI HELD – Kuwait raises security level around oil facilities

6.)  Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources
The Donald

7.)   Trump again won’t rule out a third-party run  This clown is now realizing that he may not get the nomination despite his popularity with the base of the Republican Party.  It seems rather appropriate that the party is now faced with having a clown in first place.

8.)  Trump: I'm leading because politicians are 'incompetent'

9.)  Trump on protester: 'Maybe he should have been roughed up'

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Putin The Truth Teller: Disclaimers and Shibai Rule the Middle East!

Watching the TeeVee this morning I was struck by the vitriol and anger that the boys from the Republican Party Presidential aspirants and other random haters have taken by seizing the opportunity to villify and direct venom at President Obama about his style of presentation during his remarks in Turkey rather than addressing the substance of his talk and offering any other viable solutions.  Even mellow (ha ha) Joe Scarborough participated with a harangue worthy of any good ol' boy from the South.

Why is it that these folks from the American South always seem to channel their repressed inner prejudices when they react to an African American President?  "How dare he be angry, how dare he lecture and moralize to ME" they seem to say?  Always ready to say the most tactless, most ignorant, most prejudiced remarks Mike Huckabee was his usual un-Christian, angry person.  What can I say, these folks are who they are and at least they are consistent.  It is useless to hope for an enlightened perception from Republicans.

Watching Mika become a bobble head and in despair of finding anything other that the Mikkado on Morning Joe I started looking for what the "Syrian Press" was saying about the situation elsewhere.  I found the video above (Putin at Turkey summit: “ISIS financed by 40 countries, G20 members included”) on a site the real SyrianFreePress Network ~ War Press Info  which is one of the voices of the Assad regime.  It is interesting to see their viewpoint. 

This is a short one or two sentence video and the web-site is certainly one with an agenda. Like everyone's viewpoint it conforms to the exigencies of their situation.  But Putin has a point.  Where are the Saudis and the rest of the Opec Arabs besides financing ISIS? Oil is always the ELEPHANT in this middle east living room.  Putin has his oil concerns too so he has a dog in the fight.  Disclaimers rule the middle east!

So much violence. So much confusion, so much propaganda, so much shibai*, so much untruth masquerading as truth on all fronts.  No wonder it is hard to make a rational decision on how to handle ISIS.
*Shibai=used to describe a situation when someone is merely pretending or being insincere, as if performing a stage role

Monday, November 16, 2015

Bring It On!

      I've been watching Moanin' Joe this morning as I do my morning exercise machine and now Jeb Bush is talking.  If you don't completely ignore the last 2 decades you readily see right away that "Lil' Jebby" is a total doofus.  He is saying the same, the same, the same shit his brother George W. Bush said on the run-up to the second Iraq invasion.  And he says this stuff completely ignoring recent history that he should be aware of and spouting popular Republican memes that are without fact and aimed at political rather than practical results.  But there were other guests on that had some sensible strategies and ideas that seem to me more practical.  And please as Einstein once is reputed to have said, and please let us keep in mind that "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

     So, as we remember that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is just stupid we can take some advice from a couple of the guests on today's program.  Malcolm Nance and Donald Trump both had sensible things to say about how to deal with Radical Terrorists.
     This morning,  Malcom Nance was not given very much time, but in the short time he was on TeeVee he made good suggestions.  Changing the way we define our protagonists and our presentation, he suggested that we call ISIS a cult as it clearly fits the definition of a cult.  These bloody minded folks he suggests do not represent Islam but are a clearly mentally unstable cult.
For example, back in the day I once worked for a man who worked with the team of experts that put together the Manhattan Project.  He also advised and  served more than one president and  during wartime worked for the precursor to the CIA (OSS) That man's name was Wilbur Schramm.  Because of his work creating very effective psychological operations against Germany and Italy during W2 Dr. Schramm became known as the "father of modern communication theory" to his students and other admirers.  Perhaps his most well-known success in the clandestine service during this period was a project that had as it's goal currency destabilization of European economies by creating planetary rumors that actually worked to create an economic environment unfavorable for the German Axis pursuit of victory.  We can similarly work against ISIS.  And although he was not given much time to contribute more I suggest that Mr. Vance who comes from a long line of warriors,  deserves and should be given more time to explore and suggest publicly additional psychological operations.

     Donald trump. This man surprises me with his sharp insight and practical turn of mind when it comes to this problem.  Kudos Mr. Trump.  He is the only one of the participants that talked this morning about the oil.  Oil, is the biggest "elephant in the room."  And banking.  Banking control is another area, that like Wilbur used in WW2 and that would presently have a major impact on the present ISIS playbook.  Oil and banking.  Add some nasty psy-ops and we might have the beginnings of a strategy.  Oil, by the way, is traded in dollars.  We have a measure of control in this area as we are the banking economy the world uses for trade. 

     Incidentally, one might wonder and question how dictators like Hussein controlled the nasties themselves.  Well, he did it by killing the wife,brothers, children, parents, cousins, etc. of anyone caught committing treason.  Are we prepared to do that?  Because so far that is the only solution that involves violence that works apparently.

     America has the best communications industry on the planet.  Let us use the communication skills we do so well instead of full on warfare.  Lead?  That is how we need to lead.

   This is a war of ideas. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mainstream Media Circle Jerk About Paris Terror Attacks

 Keone Michaels RANT

     Sunday morning.  I'm listening to the TeeVee news reporters go on and on about the horrendous terror event that happened 10/13/15 in Paris.  Alex Witt is obliquely repeating the whiny French recent complaint, a response that I first heard when Christiane Amanpour interviewed French Senator, Nathalie Goulet, who seemed to imply that the United States previous to the massacre had been lax and needed to up the ante because we  had been remiss in providing intelligence to France.  
     Puhleeeeze! President Obama has been extremely wise in dealing with the Syria crisis.  He recognized early on that Bashar al- Assad was not going to be easy to displace and it was obvious that the activist "partners" that opposed Assad had lots of obviously fatal and hidden flaws.  Also there is an ignorant 7th century religious and cultural mentality that governs some of the principles (except Assad who at least was relatively tolerant of other religions) and it does not respond to reason.  The situation is complicated also by the existence of the oil fields in Iraq and Syria.  Oil you may recall, dear reader, is a commodity that is at the bedrock of the  financial health of the world.  Yeah, our planetary lifeblood is OIL!  Any action that disturbs the equilibrium will disturb economies across the earth.
     Some say Mr. Obama should emulate Abraham the biblical "father" and ancestor of both the Jews and Muslims, when dealing with enemies in conflicts.  Abraham when fighting with opponents would invade their territory and annihilate and destroy every man woman and child as well as burn every structure and destroy and trample all the crops including every blade of grass, farm animal and cockroach.   Yeah, in this case it might feel good to do that.  
     But, we cannot.  Times have changed.  We have to find another path.  And we can't lead the battle on the ground.  This horror is taking place on the sovereign land of others.  They need to do that task.  In this case, the French should take the lead since it happened on their territory.  The best thing we can do in this situation is to work in tandem with the others that have a dog in this fight and are on our side.
     Allies?  Here again is another calculus in the equation.  Our Sunni allies, the Poster Boys for this Arab Crowd being Saudi Arabia,  are caught up in a real existential problem.  Most of their economies are oil based.  In a strange counter intuitive twist it might benefit these economies if the USA were to destroy the oil fields now under control of ISIS.  Supply and demand.  Turkey has the same conflicts.  They actually to some extent still get oil from Syria and Iraq.  Think about it.   
     Terror Porn?  Our media is really engaged now in masturbatory excesses of replaying the first person interviews of massacre survivors, eliciting the same responses over and over.  "What did you feel when the gunman started shooting" is a typical question repeatedly asked on top of the same footage of bodies and crowds again, over and over.  Disgusting and lazy.  
     The problem with the media is that this is exactly what the terrorists want.  They use the avarice and laziness of media producers and presenters to engage in their own masturbatory circle jerk.  Strange how the event itself can be used by the media and terrorists to their own advantage.  The media gets organically produced images and words to feed their needs and the terrorists get greater impact for their terroristic actions.   The dance music is terror and the dancing partners are the MSM and ISIS in this case.

     George Bush's brother Lil Jebby Bush is on MTP.  What a mess he is.  He still doesn't get it. He wants the USA to do another "Shock an Awe."  He talks to the voters as if they are stupid and don't understand the situation.

     Remember George is the same fellow that was literally kissing and holding hands with Saudi princes during his time in office.  If the Saudis had done their proper job containing DAESH in the first place we would not be in this situation.  In fact, they have done the opposite, withdrawing airplanes from the battlefield recently.  Oil.  If the USA and others are forced to bomb and destroy the oil fields in Iraq and Syria who do you think benefits?  Supply and Demand.  Think about it.

     Chuck Todd, the MIP presenter understands the situation better than some of the others, but still resorts to the same lame memes that have been dis-proven or recognized as a fallacy.  Also, he never once mentioned the unintended economic consequences in the equation which are key to understanding the issues.
     God help us if Jeb Bush gets elected.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Terrorist Attack In Paris

 Terrorist Attack In Paris: Friday 13, 2015

The recent terrorist attack in Paris has jerked the chains of French politicians big time as evidenced by an interview by an American newsperson (CNN International's flagship global affairs Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour)of a French Senator (Nathalie Goulet) who is  touted as an French senate commitee (Foreign Relations) functionary.

I must say, however Non-P.C., that her responses and attitude brought back memories of an old girlfriend from France.  Opinionated, superior than thou attitude and a surety and fixed attachment to her own judgements make this kind of French person not likely to solve the problems she is presented with after this horror.  For one thing, when Christiane asked her if France would be open to putting troops on the ground in Syria her knee-jerk "No" was a little startling considering the situation.

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