Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Don't Be A Trump Chump!

Trump Chumps?

     I have a friend, a retired CPA who recently revealed to me that he was going to support Donald Trump for president.  Usually a conservative and thoughtful fellow, he surprised me when he told me of his decision to support this poor excuse for a candidate and some say for a human being.   I noticed however that my friend had at least the good grace to blush a little when he made the announcement.  I, aghast, asked him WHY? His reply was, "Because I'm sick of all of them.  I just want to dump the whole bunch and start over!"  When I said I understood how he felt but objected because I was unconvinced that Mr. Trump had any moral or ethical core foundation upon which I could pin my hopes he agreed with me but said nevertheless the other choice was presently unacceptable.

     So it is only one anecdotal data point, but it caused me to realize that my friend is not the only educated white American male to go over to the dark side this season. Some of the independents, and the disappointed Republican voters are not going to vote for Hillary either.  It is however this season's "Joe the Plumber" type of voter, the voter type that is comprised mainly of older caucasian males that concerns me.  I call these people Trump Chumps because he is making them his dupes and manipulates their worst instincts to bypass the usually highly tuned bullshit sensors common folk employ to avoid the devious used car salesmen and others out to use and hoodwink them.

     Ahh.  Bernie Sanders.  Been there.  Done that.  The other metric that I bring to this is that I am myself an old white man.  I am in my mid seventies and I can clearly remember the same Trump Chump pugilistic "white folks" impulses in my own parents during my coming of age in the 60s.  My parents were unaccepting of the changes in society that they saw coming and they supported all the worst attributes of the Republican Party, Ronald Reagan, warts and all.  They loved Archie Bunker an early less vulgar precursor to Donald Trump. I identified with Archies son in law, "Meathead"of course, and was from the other political extreme a very orthodox FDR type Democratic party version of how history and future change should be written and planned.  That is not the present Democratic party nor does the Democratic party of today support the classic party values of those days.  I feel like a chump too.  A Democratic Party dupe and chump.  I've honored and voted for those that I hoped would uphold my values for more than half a century, but the party has become more corrupt and undemocratic since the 60s.  It has been "go along to get along" for too long and I would love to throw them all out too.  Hillary Clinton by circumstance and inclination appears to be the poster girl for all the compromise, personal failure and shibai in Democratic politics today.  Like my friend the CPA I am disgusted with both parties and their utter failure fix our system to the benefit of the people and not the special interests.  They have all made the political system serve their "rice bowl" as we say in Hawaii and not the greater good.

     But if you can read any one of the articles below and still have no misgivings about Mr. Trump and about voting for him then you should proudly wear the label of "Trump Chump!"  God Bless ya!

Meanwhile I'll be voting for the least crazy and more predictable of the personalities.   A more prudent choice methinks.  Just call me a "Clinton Conscript!"  

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More updates....more ....more...........
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Newt? Really? Trump's Pick For VP?

                                                                                                                    Keone Michaels 1992

And here is another one that I did in 1995

Monday, May 16, 2016

This Sunday morning on the program Jake Tapper hosts there was some discussion about Donald Trump using Chinese garment  manufacturers in the production of some of his branded products.  Now, I would like Jake to also ask Mr. Trump if when he builds the wall between us and Mexico he will pledge to use only materials and labor from the United States.  I would like him to assert publicly that he will not import Mexican labor to build the wall and he will use materials produced and originating from the United States.  Think about it!  BTW What is his standard in building his buildings?  Does he use drywall from China for example?

What really frightens me about the reporting and  articulation of the news presently is that the monetization to da max of the electoral process has resulted in the dumbing down of the media and the population.  This combined with the demographic clutching of the previous ethnic elites (ole white guys) has resulted in a compromised process.

Canada has great opportunity for a do-over.  They can if they have the will, resist the corporate powers whether they be American  or Canadian.  Canada can declare the area as a "alternative energy" zone and start an economic and manufacturing zone with all the subsidies and entitlements that it takes to make it work and replace the dirty tar sands oil jobs.  It is time we moved on from this noxious, vile, predatory energy source.  Let's not shit in the bathtub anymore Canada and the USA!

Non issue Issue!  Who cares except the provocateurs and manipulators!

"Who is on first"

Key Source Disputes Times Story on Trump's Behavior With Women

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Free Advice For Hillary Clinton: Play To Win The Reality Show Game

For what it is worth here is some advice for Hillary Clinton

When Trump has stolen the "spotlight" winning once again the entire media cycle and the Media's complete and devoted grovelling attention Ms. Clinton should not add to the opposition's score by contributing to the narrative that they own and pointing her own comments to their show.

And it is a show.  The epiphany that the Clinton folks need to have is that the Trump campaign is not about winning the presidency, it is about winning the reality show game.  The game is about capturing the attention of the media.  The game is simply not about anything of substance it is about eyes on the TeeVee, Twitter and Facebook screen.  It is data driven and graded by the media and the public as such.  What data can you most easily quantify?  Money is the first variable that comes to mind.  Eyes on screen do boost advertising revenues obviously significantly.  Trump is winning the reality show because he understands what the objective of the game is and Hillary Clinton apparently doesn't.

This morning there was a "media event" around the much touted and ballyhooed meeting between Trump and Paul Ryan the GOP House Leader.  In the media it was awaited with fevered discourse for a week.  Hillary Clinton contributed to the narrative around this event by commenting on it as it transpired rather than try to seize the day with a counter event around another narrative.  The night before the Trump/Ryan meeting she started to talk about the Trump Tax Return Issues but in a poorly publisized and not so public venue.  It was an ineffectual way of countering the media's feeding frenzy around Trump.  She needs to offer up more red meat thru her surrogates or herself.

In this particular case IMO Ms. Clinton or her surrogates should have offered up a counter event such as an information unveiling or a "scandal" or even a made up distraction.  Blow up the balloon around this stuff the very same way Trump does to appeal to the media first, the people second.  And schedule the key events around your event EXACTLY the same time Trump's event is happening.  The media won't like it but if they sniff any red meat they will get their panties in a  bunch in the rush to cover both events.  The strategy here is to dilute Trumps impact.  See.  Playing to win the game, not the election.  BTW a byproduct of winning the game is you will win the election.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

No Worries it is all about the Art of the deal!

No big deal.  No worries, some folks think that they can stuff a round object into a square hole without any ramifications whatsoever.  

Monday, May 9, 2016

A "pivot" is just not okay!

This illustration pictures what the NEWS MEDIA asshats call a "pivot" in presidential politics.   See, the media thinks that for POLITICIANS to pander to the opinions and vested interests of the so called audience or the data driven demographic distinctions of those they wish to reach, is just fine if you call it a "pivot."  They say it is a natural and logical result of the struggle to win with a widely disparate electorate.  It's okay.  Politicians will be politicians media pundits chuckle and shake their wise old heads.

The common practice in political circles is to have no firmly held, honestly stated principles.  Politicians routinely let the truth be dammed, and they don't ever lose sight of the bottom line in election politics which is votes.

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